Sep 20

An Application to Display Full Page View Advertisements is Released under Open Source GPL License

An Application to Display Full Page View Advertisements is Released under Open Source GPL License

GitHub URL:

You do not have to rely on Google Adsense to earn from your web-sites. This application will help you to show full page view (iframe, pop-up, pop-under) advertisements on your web-sites. Also, it is integrated with a web-site where you can sale your web-site traffic as well. You can also use this application to resell traffic (i.e buy web-site visitors from others at a cheaper rate and sale/deliver from this system). Currently, the code use iframe only to show ads, you can easily modify the code to deliver pop-up and/or pop-under ads.

Try our Demo at – web-site to sale traffic (i.e. web-site visitors) – for the administration of traffic i.e. visitor delivery Password: admin-user-password

For example, if you go to, you are initially shown an advertisement (kind of pop-up), you can skip the advertisement and then see You can sale traffic/visitors of your site to deliver in this way using our application. You can show your clients’ web-sites in this full page view way. If you go to, you can see an example use of this/our code (i.e example use of this Github Package) is the site where this system is implemented as a demo will be for ongoing development. On a stable state these code will be pushed from dev site to


Do not judge the code much yet. However, I have the plan to improve the code overall. The code were written long back and within a very short time. We actually have delivered millions of visitors in this way. We delivered our own site traffic, also we delivered traffic using our partners. are the files that can load sites for a specific country. We supplied these URLs to our partners to send traffic to these URLs so that our clients/customers can get visitors on their sites.

You can post any of your concerns at: tag: internet-traffic-system-from-justetc

Jul 26

Online Store (Primarily Electronics), a Just Et Cetera (Justetc) Property is back in Operation An online store (primarily electronics items for now)  is back in operation

The store currently has around 30 active products. We have around 3000 products listed though majority of them are inactive now, the inactive products will be activated after an overall revision as well as price adjustment.

Yes, we have experience of selling around 10 products in a single day.

Jul 23

Just Et Cetera (Just Etc) Services are Back

Just Et Cetera (Just Etc) services are back after a short downtime

Jul 23

Some Just Et Cetera (Justetc) Services are Offline

Due to some technical difficulties some Just Et Cetera (Justetc) services are offline. The services will be in operation pretty soon…


Thank you a lot for your understanding.

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